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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Being Lazy

 We went to the lazy river pool area twice last week.  On Wednesday we left after being there for 10 minutes because it started to storm.  That was not in the forecast for the day so to say the kids were disappointed is an understatement.  So, we went back again on Friday and spent 4 wonderfully relaxing hours there.

Elena was not tall enough to go down the big slide much to her dismay.  Thankfully she is still easily distracted by other things so it wasn't too much of an issue.  My favorite part of the day besides watching the kids have lots of fun was having the boys be my guide through the lazy river.  Talk about feeling spoiled!

Believe it or not, Jonah is behind Samuel in this tube (above) and then all of the sudden Samuel disappears (below).  He was a little stuck and it was pretty funny!

Samuel went down the big slide 8 times.  He kept track because he was so excited about his new independence.

They always want a treat and I can't blame them.
Floating leisurely together.  It is nice to have occasional reminders that they do like each other!
Gotta love group selfies

Friday is our only day without someone at the gym. This was the perfect way to spend our day!

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