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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday Jonah

Last Thursday was Jonah's birthday.  I simply cannot believe that my little baby boy who was so, so, so calm

and who loved his paci more than anything for the longest time

and who stopped smiling and started smirking in pictures years ago

is now 9 years old.  I say this each time one of my kiddos has a birthday, but time just seems to be passing too quickly.

Birthday morning ice cream!
Jonah is a very high strung, loving, energetic, smart, kind boy.  Jonah likes structure and routine.  He thrives in it and flounders some when things in his schedule are too disrupted.  Jonah likes school and does really well except for spelling.  He is the worst and I mean the worst speller in the world!  Jonah lives and breathes for gymnastics.  The 12 hours a week he is at practice are barely enough to keep him happy.  In the gym, Jonah displays a quiet determination that is fun to watch.  There is nothing he won't try, but thankfully he knows his limits!  Jonah loves electronics of any kind and his time on them has to be limited. Jonah loves his siblings, but also wishes Elena left him alone most days.

I asked Jonah what he hoped to achieve in the next year and his first answer was to get my giants without any spot.  I was so not surprised that gymnastics was on his mind.  His second answer was to compete again at the ESPN sports complex at Disney....more gymnastics.  I think it is safe to say that Jonah loves gymnastics.

On your birthday my sweet loving boy, I wish several things for you....

1.  Take deep breathes my love.  You are so easily frustrated by situations and people.  Please learn to walk away.  You can't control other people's reactions, but you can control your reaction.

2.  Work hard in school.  Continue to love it and do your best always.

3.  Keep trying other sports.  I know you love gymnastics, but you are only 9.  Learn that there are other sports to love too.

4.  Show you big heart to others all the time.  You have so much love and tenderness in you.  Let others see that side of you.

5.  Be the silliest person you know because you are hilarious during your goofy times.  Don't ever be too serious.  Always be silly!

6.  Be willing to try new things especially learning to play the guitar.  I am excited to hear you play.

7.  Remember that daddy and I always love you no matter what!!!!

Happy Birthday sweet Jonah!!!!!

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