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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The last of Galveston

Thankfully Sunday and Monday were not rainy days. In fact, because it was still cloudy on Sunday I was able to get some really cool pictures of the girls. 



Besides being in the water Jonah really liked flying a kite. He had a Jolly Roger, but I failed to get a close-up of the kite. He was very serious. 

We never stayed too long at the beach. It is fun, but the girls and I get our full of the sand pretty quickly. A morning is enough and then we are ready for the pool. 

Grouchy and ready to go

Cold boys

There are two pools at the complex and the kids like them equally. It is nice to have a choice. On Sunday it was still a little chilly in the afternoon so while the kids played I watched. 

It was probably 85. I know I am crazy. 

These two had lots of fun together all weekend. It is fun to watch them. 

Elena cut her foot so I got to love on her and Emma took this sweet picture. 

We had the best weekend like we always do. I miss it already. 

From our balcony 

This made me laugh...

Drew works hard and we are blessed to be able to take trips like this. So thankful for him. 

Again Emma taking sneaky pictures. 

Now it is back to reality, school, church, and gymnastics like crazy people!

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  1. I'm trying not to be a green eyed monster. Your bod is amazing. I hope you're proud of yourself. xoxo :D Leave it to me to turn this post into a body post. haha Seriously, all the props to you girl!