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Monday, September 15, 2014

10 unknown facts

Ms. Susan tagged me on Friday to write a post on 10 relatively unknown things about me.  Of course, I did not see this until yesterday and I have thought about it lots since then.  It is really hard to think about things people don't know about me since I share lots of things or things I want people to know about me.  I still don't think I have 10 things people don't know and I used some of Susan's for inspiration so here goes....

1.  I played the flute for a really long time and haven't played it for a really long time.  I wish I still did.  I will definitely encourage my kiddos to continue with their instruments forever if possible.

2.  I refuse to run a race without painting my nails.  I have done this since my first half marathon in 2010 and now it is just habit.  I try to find polishes with names that could possibly relate to running. 

It is usually dark red or silver
3.  I loved the back of my wedding dress.  I looked at all our wedding pictures and wish so much that our photographer had taken a close up of my dress...bummer!

What you can't see if the line of antique buttons down my back...loved that!
4.  I hate 5K's.  They are just pure torture to me which makes the fact that I am running one this Saturday slightly crazy.

I hope I don't end up in the medical tent on Saturday!
5.  Drew and I have lived in Texas since March 1998.  On Sunday part of the sermon was about "where is home".  This is our home in that our house is here, friends, our church, and things we do love.  But, I would move "home" without giving it a second thought if we had the opportunity.  Home to me has always been Pennsylvania.  Since Drew is a geologist, the possibility of this happening is not great.  I still try though.

6.  I usually wake up starving which is unfortunate since I don't really like breakfast food at all.  I find breakfast sweets like donuts, coffee cake, and sweet rolls even more gross than normal breakfast foods.  I make myself eat something each morning because my early morning running habits make me even more hungry.

7.  I always run or walk to the left of someone.  Susan is the only exception to this rule.  She runs on the left and I try to forget how strange it feels to run on the right side of someone. 

8.  My favorite time of year is fall.  My favorite things about fall are cooler weather, being outside, and finally wearing jeans and sweatshirts.  Since I don't really get to do that here in the fall I just focus on college football.  That makes me think of fall and I just dream about being able to do all the other things I like about fall. 

9.  I wish I liked riding bikes.  I really do because I think it would be fun to do a sprint triathlon, but bikes kind of scare me.  So, I enjoy tri's by doing them with other people.  Maybe someday I will be brave enough to do one all by myself!

Scott did the hard parts and I just ran a 10K
Again Susan did twice as much work as I did...just a 5K
10.  I live in Texas, but I really don't like Blue Bell ice cream at all.  The factory tour was fun, but that's all the love I have for it.  I think all the flavors taste bad and I just know all my friends will think this is just totally nuts.  We currently have two pints of Blue Bell in our freezer because the kids like it.  I wanted ice cream really badly last night, but I couldn't make myself eat it.  Since ice cream is my favorite dessert ever this is saying a lot!

They are so little and cute!
Okay, so there you go.  More crap than you ever wanted to know about me!

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