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Monday, September 1, 2014

Galveston weekend

Our new tradition is to spend Labor Day weekend in Galveston. It is our last chance to get away from real life before all the craziness of fall starts. I think this is the third year we have gone. 

This year the weather report was not very good. Thanks to a small disturbance in the Gulf we figured to would rain all weekend or at least a large part of it. So, I packed lots of games and we knew college football would also help pass time indoors. 

These among others

When we arrived on Friday it was actually nice. It rained off and on all evening, but we were able to see three rainbows on Friday. One was over the bay and the other two were over the Gulf. This was the brightest and prettiest. 

Saturday was an iffy day. First, I missed most of the clear skies because I had a football game to watch. Thank goodness PSU football is back!

Love this shirt...on the beach after the victory!

Skim boarding was again a favorite with Jonah. 

Emma tried it, but gave up quickly and returned to gymnastics stuff. 

Samuel preferred boogie boarding which Jonah loved as well. 

Who knows what Elena liked the most? I think it was playing in the sand and playing in the small waves. 

Saturday afternoon it rained off and on. Thank goodness for the games and football. Despite being at the beach and having to be inside we had lots of fun. During some lighter rain I fit in my run and the kids went for a bike ride. 

I don't really enjoy running at the beach. It is too windy, but at least the view is nice. 

Me and Emma after my run. 

The skies were clearer by sunset so there was hope for Sunday...

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