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Thursday, October 2, 2014

The tale of two injuries

Once upon a time there was a girl who liked to run marathons.  This girl lived in Spring, Texas where close choices of marathons was not so great.  After much research this girl discovered a highly rated marathon in College Station.  That was about one hour away and would make the perfect weekend getaway for the girl's family.

With such a great discovery, the girl registered to run the December 2013 BCS marathon.  A December marathon meant that training needed to begin in August....well at least for this girl.  Unfortunately for this girl, she injured her hip in July and it would not get better.  After 4 weeks of messing around with different types of treatments, the girl decide to try Arrosti therapy.  It worked!  But, by then it was too late to train well for the BCS marathon because it was already early September.  The girl decided to defer her registration to December 14, 2014.  That seemed like a great day to run a marathon especially since it was also the girl's husbands birthday.

So, one year later the girl started marathon training in August for the December BCS marathon.  She was excited to begin this journey and despite the warm weather training went well in August and September.  Then, one day the girl's foot started to feel weird.  It wasn't painful, but it didn't feel right.  The girl iced it, taped it, and took NSAID's.  After 10 days of messing around with the foot feeling better and then not feeling better the girl decided to go to the doctor. 

Today the girl went to the doctor and the news was not good.  It wasn't awful, but there were no smiles for the girl at this appointment.  X-rays confirmed what the girl suspected.  The girl has the beginnings of a break on the 3rd and 4th metarsal bones on her right foot.  Fancy how that is exactly where she feels discomfort when running and sometimes when walking.  Now the girl has a fancy and very stylish new fashion accessory.  She has to wear this new accessory ALL THE TIME except when driving so she doesn't cause an accident.  The girl isn't so happy about this AT ALL.  Yep...caps in this story!

Pretty isn't it?
Because it isn't a total break the girl was told that it might heal in just two weeks.  There will be another x-ray and then a decision on how to proceed.  In the meantime the girl was told she could swim.  That won't be happening.  The girl was told that she could bike IF it didn't hurt her foot.  That won't be happening.  I guess the girl will be catching up on her sleep and drinking lots of milk.  The girl also decided this is just another reason to eat lots and lots of feta cheese.  The girl is in need of silver linings at the moment.

Maybe, just maybe, the girl isn't meant to run the BCS marathon.


  1. Oh no Kortni!! Prayers for fast healing and patience!!

  2. I'm sorry! I've had a stress fracture but I had to take off 8 weeks. So glad you caught it early. Two weeks is much better! Sounds like this marathon was not meant to be...