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Monday, October 27, 2014

Some country music fun

Yesterday afternoon Drew, the kids, and I went to a Parmalee and Jana Kramer concert downtown.  It was so much fun!  It was a benefit for breast cancer so the event was small which was perfect for the kids. 

We arrived about an hour before the concert started so we walked to an outdoor theatre area where the kids could run and get out some energy.  That was probably the best decision we made all day!

I was super excited to hear Parmalee, but we enjoyed both concerts.  Thankfully because it was outside Jonah was not bothered at all by the noise.  The small event meant that we could get right up to the barrier as in the front row which was fun!  Elena loved the music and had so much fun dancing with her Daddy and some with me.  The kids hear these songs enough at home and in the car that they could sing along.  I am not sure if this is good or bad, but it was sweet watching them sing. Parmalee played all my favorite songs except one, but we did get to hear a new one that was really fun.  Jana Kramer sang some new songs as well...good stuff!

Jana Kramer opened for Parmalee and played for maybe 35-40 minutes.

Parmalee began at 5p and played 11 songs.  By then Elena was happy to dance and was more interested in being close to the band.  So were the boys.  Emma was happy sitting on the stairs. 

So close...
Being her typically silly self
Dancing in daddy's arms

I don't know what Samuel's problem was, but Jonah liked watching the guitarists. 
After the concert Parmalee met all the fans.  The kids were almost as excited about this as I was.  Samuel had his hat signed which he wore to bed last night.  He likes it just a little bit.  Emma had her shirt signed and wore that to school today.  Jonah asked for guitar picks since he just started taking guitar lessons.  We were told to ask for them and they happily gave Jonah three.  He was thrilled!

After our dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe it was time to end our fun day, but not before one more picture!

Again with Elena being silly...so her!  

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