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Sunday, October 12, 2014

The good and the bad and the ugly

Our weekend was supposed to be filled with lots of family fun.  That plan changed on Friday when Samuel got off the school bus and this happened...

This was actually his second attempt to make it inside. Samuel just laid there and moaned about how tired he was.  It was really a pathetic sight.  Drew carried him to the couch where he stayed for a long time.  I honestly thought he was just really tired.  Samuel had a really long week with school and football practice.  Unfortunately, he was not only tired, but sick.  By Saturday morning, he had a fever.  That was what ended our family fun weekend. 

I sent the rest of the family to the zoo for Drew's annual company zoo picnic day and Samuel and I stayed home.  Samuel slept off and on all day fighting his fever.
Hiding from life because he felt awful
Sunday was more of the same and everyone left us again to go to church.  Thankfully by Sunday afternoon Samuel was feeling better and acting much more like himself.  Now, it would be great if no one else caught whatever bug this was.  So that was the ugly of our weekend.

They had lots of fun without us.  I guess we have to find another time to go back as a family.

The good of our weekend was Emma's district gymnastics meet. 

This was her 4th meet of the season and the meet where she needed to qualify for the South State meet.  After a seriously rough start that included a fall off the beam, Emma rebounded.  Her floor routine was solid.  Her vault was great and so was her bar routine.  Because her beam score was so low I was really worried about her making it to South State.  Watching Emma and Jonah at their meets is so nerve wracking for me.  Yesterday was no different.  I don't think it will ever get easier either.

Emma managed a 4th place finish on vault.  The three girls ahead of her tied for 1st place with a 9.35.  Emma's score was 9.3. 

She finished 7th on bars with her 9.275. 

Overall, she placed 10th which was awesome considering the beam fall. 

She solidly qualified for South State.  I was so proud of her.  She worked hard to battle back from the fall and she did.

She has a lot of work to do to qualify for the state meet.  It is a really, really, really big goal and pretty far reaching too.  We shall see.  She is capable of better and she knows what she needs to do in three weeks.

The bad of our weekend for me was this post of Facebook.  I realized this weekend that the BCS marathon won't be happening for me no matter what happens at my appointment on Friday.

I refuse to run a race I am not adequately prepared to run.  I also refuse to run a marathon just because I am registered and may be able to run it.  The next marathon I run I will be trained well with the plan of doing my best.  That is not possible with 9 weeks to go.  Just not happening so some more tears were shed over this stupid, stupid injury.  I did not start today and I did not go.  I continued to hobble and it sucks.

Thank goodness my children keep me busy and bring joy to my days.

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