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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My girl is going to the state meet

Way back when Emma decided her ultimate goal for her level 4 season was to qualify for the state meet.  I kind of thought she was nuts.  Emma is a solid gymnast.  She is a high end of the middle kind of gymnast.  She could do better, but she is afraid of failure so she never really tries her hardest because of the greater risk.  But, Emma is determined.  Drew and I encouraged her every step of the way. 

This has not been the easiest of seasons for Emma.  It began with back issues that plagued her for about a month.  After therapy things were back on track for her.  As always, Emma seems to peak at the right meet.  She steadily improved her AA at each meet.  Little by little she has been working toward her goal.

On Saturday Emma competed at the South State level 4 meet.  Emma had a solid performance, but nothing outstanding.  There were no "wow" moments in any of her routines.  She finished 4th on bars and 8th, 10th, and 11th on the other events.  I knew she had to finish in the top 9 to qualify for the state meet.  I was beyond nervous for her and just prayed her bar scored pulled up her AA.

on the beam

As the girls were being announced the noise increased and I could not hear the announcer.  But, I saw Emma stand up and I just felt like the overwhelmed.  I could see how happy she was and that she was trying not to cry.  I cried happy tears for Emma and just felt so proud of my girl!

Emma and her coach

The state meet is in two weeks!  I plan to regularly encourage Emma to give it her all....to be brave and to forget about failure....to just be strong and fearless.

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