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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Playing hooky!!!

My cousin Meghan visited us for the first time last week. She was here for 10 days of fun, crazy, activities galore, and a little sight seeing. Meghan had never been to Texas so we wanted her to experience as much as possible.  We had BBQ, went to a country music concert at Minute Maid Park, enjoyed Texas beer, ate Blue Bell ice cream, experienced Friday Night Lights, a visit to Bucees, a trip to Galveston, and a trip to Brenham.  It was a busy couple of days!

It was so cold!

and Thomas Rhett, The Josh Abbott band, and the Cody Johnson band

Last Tuesday I let the kids skip school and join us on an adventure to the Hill Country.  We went to Brenham to tour the Blue Bell factory.  Then we hit up Bucees because why not?  Then we enjoyed the lovely weather and played at a super fun park in Tomball.

Enjoying our "free" ice cream treat

Everyone should eat ice cream for a morning snack.  I am pretty positive my kiddos loved that!  We had lunch from Bucees.  Meghan thought it was a little crazy, but a very fun place.  Of course, she was impressed with the bathrooms because it is impossible not to be.

I can never remember the name of this park in Tomball.  But, it is one of our favorites and for the first time ever we were the only people there.  It was awesome!

Despite her expression, Elena loved this and did it many times!

Jonah was swinging from every other handle and his feet are not on the ground.

I love this tire triangle and try to take pictures with the kids in the holes every time we go.

Despite all the fun playground stuff the boys managed to spend most of their time working on a fort.

 and our pictures from an absolutely gorgeous day in Galveston

Elena was getting sprayed from the waves

Until next time Meghan...we had a blast and are so glad you visited!

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