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Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day weekend 2016

Wow....I haven't blogged in almost two months.  Sorry about that family.  I would say that I have been slacking and I guess that is kind of true.  But, in reality we have just been so busy all the time.  Between all the flooding/rain, end of school events, church stuff, and sports, I can barely keep up with my day to day tasks.  I used to write all our activities on the calendar one month at a time.  Now I do it one week at a time.   I think I can stop that insanity next week or I'm hoping that true!

Looking back at everything I want to remember I have lots of catching up to do.  I decided this would be the week to do that and who knows why because I have already cried about my schedule this week.  But, I will make this happen.  I have decided to start with our Memorial Day weekend and work my way backwards.

I just love three day weekends and I especially loved this weekend because we only had two activities on the calendar.  Two is a joke so I could not wait to spend time with my family!  Our weekend started with yet another rain storm.  When I looked at my phone on Friday it said 30% chance of rain.  Well let me tell you that it rained for 6-7 hours straight and it rained hard.  I had to drive through high water with the kids (it was quite unexpected because it has never flooded there previously) and they thought that was awesome.  Water was spraying everywhere and I was ignoring stop signs (safely I promise).  What was exciting to them was super stressful for me, but obviously all is well.  The rain resulted in everything being cancelled Friday night...yay!!!

Thankfully the sun made an appearance on Saturday and hung around for the weekend.  Elena had her swim meet Saturday morning which was quite the adventure.  The meet location had to be changed at the very last minute because of unsafe water conditions at the host pool.  Too much rain and the pH was off.  Crazy, crazy stuff!  Elena is really enjoying swimming except for backstroke.  She is part of the A relay and that makes her very happy.  She has already asked to swim all year so we shall see if that desire continues for her.

Emma and Ashlynn surprised Elena by coming to the meet
Sunday after church we took the kids to the Fallen Warriors Memorial.  The kids laid flowers at a place of their choosing.  We talked about what Memorial Day means and why we must pay our respect to those memorialized there and all soldiers.

We ended our Sunday with a cookout and roasting s'mores with friends.  The kids played and played past exhaustion and dirtiness, but it was so fun!
Grill Master

Samuel and his friend Ellis

Emma helping Zachary with his marshmallow

Happy, happy Emma feeding Isaac

Today was supposed to be spent at the pool and some of it was until Elena just needed to go home.  She coughed all day and just wore herself out after 30 minutes at the pool.  Poor baby has been asleep since 5:30 or so.  It is a bummer of a way to end our weekend.

You would never know how awful she felt looking at this picture

So thankful for my sweet family and that we could celebrate this holiday and our country's hero's together!

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