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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Smash Baseball...Samuel

As everyone knows well, Samuel loves baseball....watching and playing.  He played again this spring on the same Farm League team as last year.  It was not the best experience, but he enjoyed his teammates and made some good new friends. He even hit two in the park homers (the outfield fence is way beyond 8 year old distance).   Because it was not the best season and because of a timely opportunity to play on a select team, Samuel continues to play baseball.

Thanks to friends whose son also loves and plays baseball, Samuel was invited to join the Smash 8U team.  It is a new team with boys and one girl from all over so there has been some adjustment.  The first tournament did not go so well, but the potential was very obvious.  There had only been maybe two practices before that tournament.  They finished the weekend 0-3.  A few weeks ago the team played in its second tournament and it went quite well.

For select ball there is pool play on Saturday and Sunday before elimination games begin Sunday afternoon.  On Saturday the team played two games and ended with a 1-1 record.  The Sunday morning result was the same.  Elimination play began at 12:30 and the game needed an extra inning for Smash to earn a come from behind victory.  It was super exciting....like hands shaking and couldn't sit still exciting!  So, the day that began on the fields at 8:15am would continue.  They were playing in the Championship game at 3pm!!!!

It was Smash vs. the Orioles and unfortunately Smash lost.  It was the same team Smash beat at 9am that morning.  Baseball is crazy like that!  However, it really was a victory.  The team played well.  They hit well and just played a better team in that game.  The boys and one girl gained a lot of confidence and of course, there were trophies.  The excitement on everyone's face was awesome and picture worthy!

As for Samuel, he played decently well all weekend.  He missed some easy plays in the field, but not all time.  He hit safely in all but one at bat.  He wanted to do better because he is his worst critic.  Singles will never be good enough in his mind, but Drew and I were proud of him.  Samuel has to learn to believe in his skills and that will come with time.

It was a long day for the moms and dads.  The players didn't seem to mind 10 hours at the ballpark!

Sweet friends Jackson and Kyle and a great dugout picture.

The trophy ceremony was great.  There is another tournament this weekend so I hope we get to experience it all over again!

Smash 8U

The sweet boys and their trophies!
Trey and Samuel

Such a large trophy for 2nd place!
Samuel and Jackson
I just love my #8 and am so proud of him for playing hard all the time!

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