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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mother's Day weekend

My Mother's Day weekend was filled with lots of love, fun, firsts, and lasts.

The first was Elena's first ever swim meet.  When she asked to swim I was so happy she wanted to do her own thing and so stressed about adding one more thing to our schedule.  We have made it work with help from friends and she is loving it.  She was so happy and nervous about everything, but she did very well!

The last was Samuel's last baseball game with Coach Hamm and as a member of a Farm League baseball team.  He will be moving on to a more challenging league next year.

The fun was watching my kiddos play sports, but also going to as Astros game with Tina.  Of course the Astros lost because that is what they do. But, we went without kids and had a blast.  At least the game went into extra innings so there was some definite excitement in the game.

The love came in the form of sweet cards and little gifts from my kiddos.  Drew gave me beautiful flowers.  I did not have to cook and that was great!

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