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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Jonah the gymnast....a season of growth

Do you remember this? 

I do.  Jonah does.  It was a long two months and it meant no gymnastic competitions at all last season for Jonah.  I think looking back it was a good break for Jonah.  But, it was also very hard for him not to be with his teammates and to watch them succeed.   Losing last season meant Jonah was really excited to begin his season in December.  With such high hopes for the season who knew the road we would all travel with Jonah this season.

In January we went to Colorado to ski and for a gymnastics meet at the Air Force Academy.  The morning of the meet Jonah did not want to compete.  He was complaining of being sick, nervous, and who knows what else.  Drew talked to him.  I talked to him.  Ultimately we let his coach handle the situation and Jonah competed that day.

Two weeks later Jonah did the same thing.  He said he didn't want to compete.  He was nervous.  His stomach hurt.  He wouldn't eat or drink anything.  He ended up competing that day and the next.  Two weeks later the same thing again.  This time it was awful.  Jonah was actually literally sick and I was over it.

Jonah loves gymnastics. He has loved gymnastics since he was just two years old.  He loves and respects Coach Bill.  He likes his teammates.  He knows his skills.  It just did not make sense at all.  Jonah had no clue how to fix what was wrong and neither did I or Drew.  Drew and Jonah met with Coach Bill.  I met with Jonah's teacher.  I had a long, hard discussion with Jonah about what was happening.  He cried.  I cried.  We hugged and we made some changes. 

It was so hard because it broke my heart to see Jonah struggle so much with something that he really loves.  It broke my heart to see his sad eyes.  Jonah has never known what to do with his emotions.  He is such a stuffer until he bursts.  Well he was bursting slowly and it killed me to see all the pieces falling slowly to the ground.  It also killed me that I or Drew did not see this coming.  Raising these kids is beyond hard.  We didn't see it coming, but we were all about finding a solution and teaching Jonah how to manage better.

Jonah has started learning how to manage his anxiety/stress/nervousness or whatever it is that was causing him such distress.  Drew and I have learned how to help him better.  The changes to our schedule have helped him.  It has been a learning process for all of us.  He is doing better in school.  He is smiling when he leaves the gym and hasn't complained about meets since February.

Since February Jonah has steadily done better at each and every meet.  His AA has consistently improved.  He works hard each day at the gym and sticks to his new routine.  He uses his strategies to get him through the stressful moments at school and at the gym.  I am so proud of him.

Jonah qualified for the 2016 Region III Gymnastics meet at his state meet.   A regional meet where gymnasts from six states compete.  It is the highest achievement for a men's level 6 gymnast.  He didn't just barely qualify.  He qualified with an AA of 56 (50 was qualifying).  Jonah knows that he is not the gymnast who will win at the meet.  He also knows that he won't medal.  But, what he does know is that he achieved more this season than he thought was possible.   He knows that Friday is all about having fun, doing his best, and enjoying his success.  He has overcome a lot this season emotionally, mentally, and physically.  The tears I cried with him in February were sad tears.  The tears I cry now are just absolute happy tears for my Jonah. 

Go get 'em Friday Jonah!!!!  We love you!!!!

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