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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Break 2016

My sister, Kelsey, and her kiddos spent Spring Break with us.  My kiddos knew they were coming, but not which day.  So when they arrived home from school on Friday to see their cousins....worth all the fibbing!  That meant there were eight kids in the house for a week.  It was full, loud, and lots of fun!  These sweet kids are the best of friends and so very much enjoy every moment they are together.  Hellos are the best and good-byes are the worst.

Except Jack, all lined up in age order.  Yes, my kid are tall and Kelsey's kids are short.  Jack, Emma, Maya, Jonah, Hanna, Samuel, Leah, and Elena
We did not do anything overly exciting.  Eight kids is a lot to get places especially with Jack just being 18 months old.  We went to parks, played lots at the house, had a movie day, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Our big adventures were to the Houston Zoo, Hermann Park, and two Rice baseball games.

We went to the tire park (Jerry Matheson Park) in Tomball.  We also did a little antique shopping that day too.  It was such fun.  We also visited the park at Mercer Arboretum.  It was really hot that day so we didn't stay too long.  The kids washed the cars that afternoon as a way to stay cool!

The Zoo was awesome.  Despite being Spring Break it wasn't too crowded and we saw lots of awake animals!  Seeing an elephant show was probably the highlight of the day for the kids.

Finally, I was able to find a small bluebonnet field nearby so Kelsey could get her first ever bluebonnet pictures.

July is going to seem like a long time until we spend time together again!

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