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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Thes best of March

Time is flying by and I can't keep up with everything.  My friend called it the April Avalanche the other day and I do have to agree!!!  Life is crazy right now, but everything is fun and worth the nuttiness!

So March came and went so quickly I had to look at all my pictures to remember what happened.  Of course there was the marathon we won't talk about.  Then my sister was here for Spring Break.  Finally Easter!  There was lots in between that I want to remember so here we go....

Jonah had his 4th grade field trip to Wunderlich Farms at the beginning of March.  I helped chaperone the trip and loved it.  I didn't go when Emma was in 4th grade because Samuel and Elena were still at home.  But, I will definitely go again.  All the kids loved it and I think could have spent so much more time exploring the buildings and learning about life way back when.  It was really fascinating!

Drew and I went to the Houston Rodeo to see Brett Eldredge.  Of course the day we went it poured so there was no looking cute.  It was all about raincoats and umbrellas, but we still had lots of fun!

Elena had her Christmas Experience gift.  We saw Mary Poppins at the Hobby Center.  It was super well done and Elena really enjoyed it.  Her favorite moment was Mary Poppins flying away at the end, but she really did pay attention to the entire show.

We went to several Rice baseball games.  Samuel hardly played any games in March because of Spring Break, Easter, and the weather.  Emma learned her optional floor routine and has music from Phantom of the Opera.  It is awesome and she loves it!  Elena decided she wants to join the swim team so we registered for that.  And because baseball isn't enough for Samuel he is going to play spring flag football.  We have nothing going on in the upcoming months!

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