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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The gymnastics trip that really wasn't

Almost three weeks ago Drew and Jonah headed to California for a gymnastics meet.  Jonah had been excited for this trip for weeks!  After each practice Coach Bill talks to the boys about who knows what.  I say that because Jonah hardly ever remembers anything to tell me.  However, for the weeks leading up to the CA trip Jonah always had something to tell me from the talks.  He was just happy to be going on this trip.

The day before they left Drew's mom aka Meemaw went to the gym to watch Emma and Jonah.  She called from the gym to say that both kids injured themselves, but she wasn't sure to what extent.  When they got home that night it was quite obvious that both ankles (yeah they both injured their ankles) were not good.  Both were swollen, already bruising, warm to the touch, and painful.  My heart was crushed for Jonah.  His ability to compete in CA was seriously in doubt.  But, everything was paid for and you just never know, so off Drew and Jonah went early, early, early Friday morning. 

On Friday Jonah was in a lot of pain.  Walking through airports was not helpful.  Still, he managed to practice some. There was no tumbling, vaulting, and dismounts.  Saturday was a meet time decision according to the coaches. 

Saturday morning early Drew learned from Jonah's roommate that Jonah was ill.  Sometime during the night he had developed a fever and horrible cough.  Now he was definitely not competing on Saturday.
Drew wheeled Jonah back to his room on a luggage cart
I don't hover when my kids are sick, but being home while Jonah was sick in a hotel in CA was hard for me.  I probably texted Drew a 100 times to make sure he was doing everything possible to get Jonah healthy and just to check on them.  By that evening Jonah was better and Sunday was still a meet time decision.  Drew and Jonah took a drive into the mountains to escape the hotel and get Jonah some fresh air.  Poor guy did not look great.

On Sunday morning Jonah decided he was going to compete.  His coaches did not expect him too.  Drew didn't and neither did I.  But, Jonah decided he wanted to try.  Sunday was a team competition so he could be entered in some or all of the events.  The coaches decided to try all six since he didn't compete on Saturday.  Jonah competed on vault, pommel horse, parallel bars, and rings.  Everything for Jonah was rough.  He was still not feeling 100% and his ankle was definitely not 100%.  It was not his day, but he tried his hardest on that day and everyone was so proud of him.
Getting encouragement from Coach Peter
Getting encouragement from Coach Mark

I excluded the vault pictures because they are just awful.  Because of the ankle Jonah was not able to power off the springboard and he barely made it over the board.  It was absolutely his worst vault ever.  The vault was the third event and it really re-injured his ankle.  He competed then on the PB's and finally stuck a landing.  That did in his ankle.  Jonah called it a day and skipped high bar and floor. 

The pictures from after show his fatigue and sadness.  Still, Drew, the coaches, and I were so proud of him.  He really should have watched and been a cheerleader.  Instead he wanted to do what he went to CA to do.  He did some, but at a price that is still being determined. 

The meet was in Bakersfield.  Since they flew in and out of LAX they had to drive back to LA.  They stopped at the beach and Jonah finally had some fun in CA.
Jonah and his friend/teammate Connor


So, it was definitely not the trip anyone envisioned for Jonah.  He managed and showed some crazy courage.  He injured his ankle three weeks ago today.  He still can't tumble and vaulting is not much better.  I am worried about my Jonah and this season for him.  Meets start again on Saturday and he competes just about every other weekend for two months.   Who knows what this season will be like, but I am certainly praying no more injuries and healing.  Jonah deserves some great level 6 experiences!

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