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Friday, January 30, 2015

Dancing with the Stars live!!!!

Last night Emma and I went to see the DWTS Live Tour.  Holy cow was it AMAZING!!!

Emma and I faithfully watch the show in the fall and spring.  It is my favorite thing to watch each Tuesday morning while running on my treadmill.  Emma watches it as soon as she can which is usually Wednesday for her.  In November we had a little party for the finale. So we are definitely fans of the show. 

When Drew and I were discussing Christmas gifts for the kids we had no idea what to get them.  They need nothing and we have plenty of things in our house.  So, we decided to give the kids experiences hence the DWTS tickets. 

We got to see the mirror ball trophy...pretty cool.

The show itself was just about two hours filled with singing, dancing, talking, and silliness.  Mark, Witney, Val, Sasha, Kym, Keo, and Emma were the main dancers.  There were two additional female dancers and one male dancer.  Alfonso danced and was also the MC for the show.  The cast interacted with the crowd, answered questions, and made fun of themselves...truly very entertaining.

I don't think I can express how amazing it is to watch them dance in person.  It is way more impressive than watching them on television.  Some of the dances were just breathtakingly beautiful.  Of course, Witney and Alfonso did the "Carlton" and their winning freestyle dance. 

Mark played some of his recently released songs.  And, who knew that Val is an accomplished violinist.  He played with Mark and Dylan Chambers as well.  It was really cool.

I really could go on and on about seeing DWTS live.  I highly recommend it.  Emma and I had a blast.  Emma took lots of videos and pictures.  She commented on just about everything which says something because Emma usually doesn't say much.  I am so thankful that Drew and I decided to give experiences this year for Christmas. This was a great memory to make with my dear Emma!

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