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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Thanksgiving part 2....2015 flashback

So after a few days at my sister's house we headed to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to spend time with Drew's family.  His family....large extended family....has had a cottage on the Sassafras River forever.  Recently it has been renovated into this gorgeous home that sleeps a gazillion.  All of Drew's sisters were able to come to Maryland to celebrate Thanksgiving so this was an extra special treat for all of us! 

The cottage (more in name than actuality now) was an awesome place to spend many days.  There is so much space and things to do with lots of cousins around.  We decorated for Christmas, played games, watched college football projected onto a wall, visited, laughed, and ate a lot!  It was a glorious several days. 

The pretty Sassafras

They played a lot of football....the boys and Maddie

Lots of eating

Greta hosted Thanksgiving dinner at her house.  I think there were about 45 people there for dinner.  Amazing!  Everything was delicious and wonderful!!!  The only bummer was Mary' injury and the Eagles epic loss.

Uncle John and Drew had the honor of carving the turkeys
Samuel and Colin bonded watching Colin's football videos

Lots of yummy desserts!

We also fit in a special visit with Drew's cousin Erica who was also one of my college roommates.  They treated us to a great afternoon and Philly cheese steaks!

In a typical year we only see Drew's family at Eagle Camp.  There is the occasional exception so being able to spend days with them in the middle of the year was a huge treat.  The marathon may have been hugely crappy for me, but deciding to run it meant a week with family.  Those crappy 26.2 miles were easily forgotten with all the laughs and memories made!

Elena was not happy about leaving

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