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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Happy 8th Birthday Samuel Keath

Happy Birthday to my sweet Samuel!  At 7:25am on Friday he turned 8!!!  I gave him lots and lots of kisses on the way to the bus stop and embarrassed him thoroughly.  It was fun!

His day began with a birthday kiss from me when I woke him for school.  I don't think he has ever dressed so quickly because Samuel knew ice cream was waiting for him.  Cherry Vanilla was his pick this year...

I took Samuel Chick Fil A for lunch and we got to have a fun little birthday lunch at school.

Then the birthday craziness began.  Samuel invited four friends to go to the season opener Rice baseball game.  I downloaded a template to make these awesome invitations.  I am so glad other people are crafty!  One sweet boy thought it was his actual ticket!  That was what he wanted for his birthday party.  So almost as soon as school ended his friend began arriving for cake and presents.  Samuel requested a chocolate chip cookie cake that looked like a baseball....easy!  I decided to get each boy a Rice t-shirt instead of a goodie bag.  Then it was all up to Drew to feed the boys at the game.  Easiest party ever!

Samuel has assumed his baseball watching position for the next four months!  I have no idea why we buy that boy a seat.
Samuel and his friends
With all the craziness of Friday night we didn't give Samuel his gifts until Saturday.  Samuel knew this ahead of time and was totally fine with extending his birthday celebration.  Drew made Samuel a baseball hat holder.  It is super cool and Samuel loved it!  He also got a new baseball bag and that was a huge hit as well.  Finally we gave him a new Army toy and Pokemon cards.  If Samuel isn't playing baseball or football he is playing Army or with those crazy cards.    It makes him happy!

Louisville Slugger cut in half with pegs added

This sweet boy is such a gift.  He is growing into such an incredible person and I am just so proud to be his momma.   His smile makes me happy.  Those adorable freckles on his nose and cheeks make me want to hug him.  His love of sports and desire to talk with me about it all the time makes my heart full.  Listening to him play the piano and secretly admit that he really likes it is awesome.  He is a good student, he works hard, and he is kind to others.  Samuel plays sports with his entire heart.  And that is Samuel....cautious, but all heart.  He gives his all to the things and people he loves. 

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