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Thursday, March 3, 2016

It's time for baseball

Baseball season in our house means two things.  It means that Samuel is back on the diamond.  We have practice twice a week and he attends a camp each Monday night.  Games are on the weekend. Samuel is serious about baseball.  The other thing it means is that we spend a lot of time at Reckling Park watching Rice.  Both seasons began in February and life is very busy for us.  But it is a good kind of busy because baseball makes us all happy!

Going to Rice baseball games is something that we enjoy as a family.  There is something different that we all enjoy about attending the games.  Elena, of course, fusses the most, but she does have her favorite player.  We actually met him in February and she was beyond happy he signed a ball for her.  So, don't let her fool you....she does like some things about baseball despite all the protesting.

Elena with her Connor Teykl signed ball
Another awesome thing about going to a small college to watch games is the access we get as fans to the players, coaches, and random experiences.  For example, Samuel took live batting practice from Andy Pettitte..  That was such a crazy awesome moment and so fun for us all.  Samuel also took live BP from some of the Rice players.  Nothing makes that boy happier than to hit the ball unless he is sliding into base.  
Andy Pettitte

Samuel and legendary coach Wayne Graham
Samuel is that tiny person out there waiting to field a ball...taken from the Rice dugout
And then there is Samuel's baseball team....the Cardinals.  His team isn't the greatest and probably won't win many if any games.  Thankfully Samuel is more concerned with playing well and having fun at this age.  He is definitely more serious about the game this year, but during the football season he started to learn how to lose well and still have positive take-aways from a game.  He is a wise little guy at times!

This is the first year that Samuel has his last name on a jersey.  Being totally honest, I am pretty sure my heart did a flip flop when I saw him in that jersey at the first game.  I was so proud for him and me as his momma!  There is just something so exciting about people cheering for you and I am so glad he can experience that at such a young age!

Samuel and his best buddy on the team

Despite not being a very baseball skilled group, Samuel really enjoys being with his teammates.  It is good group of boys who try.  At age 8, it is just fun to watch the skills and knowledge of the game develop and grow.  And it happens at every game so that is awesome.  Of course, I think I have the best stud on the team!!!  Right now he plays first base and the pitcher position.  It is still coach pitch at 8U so pitcher is an actual position.  He would prefer third, but he plays anywhere happily during the game.  He complains after which is sometimes funny!  I actually think he is beginning to really like any infield position.

This was the Game Changer app generated headline following Samuel's last game.  Yep, I'm bragging because I was super proud of Samuel.  He played a solid game and was a good teammate!

We've got months of baseball to watch and I can't wait!!!!  Let's go Cardinals and Owls!!!

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