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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Florida Trip part 1.5...celebrating life

We went to Florida over the weekend to spend time with family and to have a memorial service for my Grandpa.  I took so many pictures and we did so many fun things after the service that I have to divide our trip into two posts. 

We arrived in sunny, hot Florida on Friday afternoon.  The entire weekend was crazy hot with temps in the mid to high 90's.  So, we spent lots of time at the pool in the afternoons.  Our mornings and evenings were spent at parks or being silly at my aunt's house.
Leaving Houston
Elena thought it was sunny on the plane
Saturday morning we had the memorial service for my Grandpa.  He was 97 years old.  Can you just imagine all the things he saw in his lifetime?

My aunt made a great book of his life which was awesome.  We spent time telling stories about his life and his adventures.  After the service time each family received a balloon to write on.  My grandpa always wore blue pants and a white shirt so all the balloons were blue and white.  The balloon release was quite awesome!

The other life we celebrated while there was baby boy Hayes who is due in September!  My Aunt Janet and mom planned a surprise baby shower for Kels and Scott. 

I did an awesome job wrapping my gift! I took it back too.
Scott, Hanna, Maya, Kelsey, and Leah
Ice cream cake (melting a little) since Kels is allergic to everything
A shower would not be complete without a game.  I have to say that I never played this game before at a baby shower, but the guys thought it was pretty awesome.  Estrella, my cousin Sean's wife, gave each willing adult a baby bottle filled with beer.  Whoever finished first was the winner.  I was the only willing female to participate.  It was hilarious even though I did not win.
Before the contest...Leah had apple juice I promise

Sean won but we think he cheated!
Of course the kids thought this was hilarious so they wanted to have their own contest.  Again, I promise their bottles were filled with apple juice.
I don't know where Elena was

Samuel was very proud of his victory.  He struck this pose as soon as he finished.

Spending time with family is pretty awesome especially when we don't see Sean, Estrella, and my Aunt Janet very frequently....stayed tuned for the rest of our adventures....

Aunt Janet and all the kiddos
Grammy and Grandpa with all their grandkids

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