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Thursday, May 22, 2014

A first and a last

In the past two days, two big things have happened at our house.  The first involves Jonah.  On Tuesday night leaving the gym Jonah twisted his ankle.  He is more of a head injury kind of guy so this was a first for him.  And, being Jonah he was all kinds of dramatic about the injury.  I know I sound mean because I know first hand how painful an ankle injury is, but wow the drama was out of control.  I may have laughed quietly, but lots.

Because there was so much drama Drew and I decided a trip to the doctor would be best and just as we suspected he sprained his ankle.  Thankfully he is feeling better today and hopefully all will be healed when he returns to the gym on Tuesday.

Enjoying his day off from school
The second big thing was Elena's last day of preschool...not forever, but for this year.  Elena is finished with the 3 year old class and is now officially a Pre-K student.  I have her all to myself for one more year.  Well, she will be at school two days a week and the other days she is all mine!  Look at how much she has grown up this year.  She looks like such a big girl to me.  Big mom sigh....

First day of school last August

Last day of the 2013-14 school year

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