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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Baseball again...we are officially fans

Two weeks ago we took the kids to another Rice Owls baseball game.  The boys really wanted to go to another game and a Wednesday night game was the only time in May that we could go.  All the kids were excited to see a game under the lights.

An actual smile!

Two very cool things happened at this game.  One, Drew was randomly picked as a Super cuts gift pack winner.  Super cuts is no big deal, but being on the big screen at the game was a big deal.

Drew, Elena, and Emma

The second very cool thing to happen was Elena's bravery.  After the game I asked the kids if anyone wanted a player's autograph.  Of course they all said yes.  Guess who was the only one brave enough to ask a player for his autograph?  Yep....Elena.  The four year old and not the 10, 8, or 6 year old were brave enough to ask.

This player closed out the game in the 9th.
The funniest thing to happen at the game was Elena and Samuel wondering who cleans the players uniforms.  They are definitely my kids.  Look at the player in the front of this picture!  He was the one that concerned them.

Rice won just in case you were wondering.  We saw another home run and some great fielding.

Rice is projected to host a Regional game in two weeks.  We are hoping they do so we can attend another game this year!

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