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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Meeting Idols or Heros or Somethings

In December Jonah's coach had three former Olympians-gymnasts he coached come to the gym to talk with the boys and parents.  I think I may have been more excited than Jonah until we showed up at the gym.  Then Jonah was a little awe struck.  Chris Brooks, Johnathan Horton, and Raj Bhasvar spent time working with the boys and answering questions.  Then they generously signed items and posed for pictures. 

Chris Brooks
Raj Bhavsar
Johnathan Horton
It was an awesome experience for the boys and I learned tons about down the road gymnastics. 

Today it was Emma's turn.  I took her to meet Aly Raisman this afternoon.  She was so darn excited.  Aly signed her state meet shirt and a generic picture and then pictures.  She was lovely.

So, that was not the only gymnastic activity for us this weekend.  Jonah had his South State level 5 gymnastics meet.  Boy was it a mess.  Jonah has just had a mess of a season and it has been hard...maybe just painful for me as the mom to watch.  His meet yesterday was mediocre at best.   He made mistakes he has not made all year.  I was never so glad for a meet and a season to be over.  Level 5 is in the past and on to level 7 he goes.  Yep, he is skipping level 6.  I am the only person who is strongly against skipping a level, but I despite being the mom have been out voted.  I pray that I am wrong and that this is the best decision for Jonah.  He is excited so that is great.  We shall see!

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  1. When Clairey was at Cypress, Jonathon was still working out there. Clairey LOVED him, and he used to wink at her all the time (she was 4). She was extremely upset when she found out he was married. hahaha!