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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter celebrations

I am so thankful for Easter and what it means, but I am also so glad this week is over.  With all my responsibilities at church this is a tough and time consuming week for me and my family.  I never quite feel fully present in any moment and for that reason I am glad Easter Week has ended. 

Despite the craziness, we did have lots of fun together at home and at church.  We did all the normal stuff...dying eggs, hunting for eggs, making Resurrection rolls, and dressing in pretty outfits.   And, I still managed to take lots and lots of pictures!

Jonah had a short speaking part at our Maundy Thursday service.  He did great!

We dyed eggs using Kool-Aid.  It was pretty fun and less stinky than the store stuff that is mixed with vinegar.

The kids got their Easter baskets after church.  Drew even gave me a basket filled with some yummy treats.  Emma surprised me and Drew with these framed pictures she had taken of everyone.  So wonderful she is and I love the pictures.  Each one is so like their personalities!  They also hunted for eggs after church.  I have no time for this stuff before church. 

my basket
Our pictures from Emma

The kids enjoyed the butterfly release at church and we took lots of pictures. I have to say that I loved the girls dresses and wish they could wear them every week!

Inside the sanctuary by the Living Cross

Happy Easter!

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