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Monday, April 14, 2014

Being the youngest sibling

Saturday was one of the busiest days of my life or so it seemed.  I woke at 5am to start my day and kept going all day long.  It was exhausting.  Then I looked at the pictures I took on Saturday and wondered if Elena was as tired as I was.

Being the littlest sister she tags along to lots of things that don't involve her at all.  She goes to lots of practices, spend lots of times at gymnastics meets, watches ball games of various types, goes to school activities, and the list goes on and on.  As long as I have things along to keep her happy she doesn't normally complain too much.  Saturday was almost as long a day for her as me.

She had to spend some time at the gym while we waited for a birthday party to end. 

She spent two hours at the ball fields watching her brothers play football and playing.  Yes, we finally talked Jonah into playing a ball sport.  They play on different teams, but at back-to-back times.  For the next many weeks we will spend lots of time in the sun watching football....can't wait!

Thankfully the fields are at a local school and Elena loves to play on the playground.

She finally convinced Samuel to play with her after his game....

She tagged along to another birthday drop-off with the promise of a dinner out with me, Drew, and Emma. 

Elena did get to do things of her choosing during the day, but it all had to work around somebody's schedule.  She handled it like a trooper, but needed a little power nap to make it to dinner! 

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