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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rodeo Time

It is crazy rodeo time in Houston.  Since the end of February the news, the papers, everything are all about the rodeo.  It is a huge deal and I still find it kind of funny.  This was a totally new thing for me and Drew.  The kids on the other had love all things rodeo and beg to go every year.  Well, that did not happen this year, but they still were able to dress up for various activities at school.

Drew and I are not from Texas.  But, our kids are Texans and they love "Go Texan Day".  They wanted to know if we had "Go Texan Day" when we were little.  Um...no silly people.  That did not happen in Pennsylvania and Virginia....neither did "Go PA Day or Go VA Day" for that matter.  Some things are just special in Texas and this is one of those things.

On "Go Texan Day" Haude has a hoedown for the kids.  They dress in their best cowboy and cowgirl girl...hats too...and dance for moms and dads.  These dances have been practiced in PE class for weeks.  Like I said, it is a big deal.

A week later the Kindergarteners had rodeo day.  The afternoon was spent playing rodeo like games.  There is some learning involved such as the life of a cowboy and the Wild West.  But, really it is just a fun excuse to play fun games and the kids love it.

Finally, Elena's preschool has ponies come to ride.  Yep, a real pony and it is one of the year's highlights for Elena.  It has been for Emma, Jonah, and Samuel as well.  Elena loved dressing the part.

Rodeo fever ends this Sunday.  The kids were annoyed we did not go this year.  I think next year we will have to go to the real deal.  I might even break down and finally get cowgirl boots!


  1. Yee Haw!! Love our little cowboy's and cowgirl's!! So darn cute!

  2. Yykes Where did I learn English?...I better go to bed...