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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bastrop adventure day one

This past weekend we ventured to Bastrop for the weekend.  Jonah had a meet in San Marcos on Sunday so we decided to turn his meet into a little trip.

As for the meet, it was quite uneventful.  Jonah did not do well overall, but he did some things better than at previous meets.  First, he had his best vault score of the season.  Second, he had a good floor routine.  Third, he stayed on the high bar and did his kip. 

This meet was filled with quality gymnasts that we don't normally compete against.  These kids are quite good.  Jonah has the potential to be better than he is, but he has yet to get in that right mindset on a meet day.  He knows most of these boys will be at the state meet.  Time will tell if this motivates him to be better.

As part of our adventure we decided to have a little food tour through Central Texas.  The first two places we ate were recommended and they did not disappoint.  Both places had lines out the door.  Saturday night we ate at the Roadhouse in Bastrop.  This place is all about the hamburgers....all 7oz's of them.  It was worth feeling stuffed!

Sunday for lunch we ate at Black BBQ in Lockhart.  Texas BBQ has grown on me, but still not my favorite type of BBQ.  However, I will say that this food was yummy.  We all enjoyed our brisket, sausage, potatoes in many forms, and pickles.  All BBQ needs pickles according to us!

Sunday night for dinner we decided on Mexican and ate at La Hacienda.  I think I had the best salad I've ever eaten.  It was really amazing.  All the kids loved their food and so did Drew.  We did not go hungry!

The end of our food tour was at Buc-ee's, which is legendary in Texas.  For all our northern friends, it is like Sheetz or Wawa on steroids with the absolute cleanest bathrooms you will ever find.  We got sandwiches for our picnic lunch on Monday.  I am pretty sure that I don't need to eat this week or I need to run more.  So, if anyone goes to Central Texas eat at all of these places!

Besides the gymnastics meet, we had planned on spending our free time at the many state and city parks in the area.  Austin and Bastrop have great parks.  Well, the weather on Sunday was cold and rainy so we had to decide on an alternative plan.  Being a little crazy we took the kids to Cabela's and spent 2.5 hours there!  Elena, Samuel, and Jonah were so happy to see all the animals, play in tents, walk through the aquarium, shoot guns (a Duck Dynasty game), and just look at all the stuff in Cabela's.  It is quite the store!

We all thought this was awesome and it was comfy too!

We missed our Emma and were wishing for sun.  But, we made the most of Sunday and it was fun!

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