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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bastrop State Park

On Monday the weather was finally nice.  We were able to enjoy one park before we had to drive home.  We spent a portion of the morning and afternoon in Bastrop State Park.

Before I share our pictures I have to say that being in the park was very sad.  This park was severely damaged during the 2011 Texas wildfires.  Having looked up exactly how bad the fire was in the area I learned that the fire began in Bastrop on 9/4/11 and was not fully contained until 10/10/11.  By that time over 34,000 acres burnt including over half of the state park.  The part of the park we were in was hit hard.  The kids' minds were boggled by all the damage and why this forest looked so strange to them.  It was a great learning experience for them.

We hiked on the Red Trail which was a 1.6 mile hike through the burnt woods and along some ridges.  There was not a single area on our hike that had not been effected by the fires.  It was truly just so sad.  It was also encouraging to see some new ground growth and pine trees.  Despite the obvious damage to the forest, the paths have been fully restored and we had a great hike.  It was hilly and winding at times, which the kids loved.  The could jump across small streams and play on bridges.  They were in heaven!  Our hike ended at a lookout where we had lunch. 

A new tree
The bridges were very cool

We think this was a water fountain at some point
Elena had just fallen and was needing to rest

At the lookout point

Samuel used this tree branch as a see saw
Yes, his shirt says "my wife rocks" and I did buy it for him!
Elena thought maybe she should take a little nap before we left for home....

See the pile of rocks in the truck?  Jonah collected them on the hike and refused to leave any behind.  Just what we need are more rocks in our house.

Someday this park is going to be a "normal" kind of beautiful again....

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  1. a) love drew's shirt b) the back of your car is too clean for someone with 4 kids c) don't judge when you come to my house. hahaha