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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is not a huge deal for us.  Drew always gets me flowers which I so much appreciate.  But, we are not the get dressed up and spend lots of money on dinner kind of people.  We keep it simple.

However, as for the girls, I want Drew to make the day special for them.  I have been telling him for a while that he is the model for how they should expect and how they deserve to be treated by a boy and someday a man.  Until that time comes, he is their Valentine and I want Drew to show them how love should be expressed.  That can be modeled by how he treats me and how he treats them.   He does all the little things on a daily basis....listening to their stories, reading with them, taking them places, hugging them, holding their hands and so on.  But, on the "day of love" I want him to make bigger gestures and he finally did.  I think having a 10 year old daughter hits home for him sometimes.  Emma is growing up too fast and Elena already thinks she is 16. 

So, while I was thrilled to get beautiful flowers....my favorites even....I was more overwhelmed that Drew gave them each a card and flowers. 

That just warmed my heart more than anything.  Someday he won't be their special Valentine, but he will have shown them what love is ten times over by the time that day arrives. 

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