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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Jonah's Alvin Invitational Meet

Yesterday was Jonah's fourth meet of the season.  The first was the very beginning of December and the last two were at the end of January.  And, this is the first I have posted about his meets because there was nothing to write about before yesterday.  I know that sounds mean, but it is true.

I will never be one of those moms who tells their child(ren) they are great when that is not the case.  My kids will never and I mean never be the one on American Idol who doesn't understand why they aren't going to Hollywood.  There is not much sugar coating from me.  If it was bad, it was bad.  If it was good, it was good. 

Until yesterday, Jonah had horrible and very forgettable meets.  They were awful to watch and he was so discouraged.   It has taken a lot of encouraging from me and Drew to help improve Jonah's state of mind in the past two weeks.  And, he finally had two really good weeks of practice.  He learned his front uprise and does it well. The kip is still coming, but he is no longer so discouraged with it.  It was obvious that Jonah was feeling happier again in the gym and we were hopeful that Jonah would do well yesterday.

Jonah did do well yesterday and it was fun to watch.  He was happy and that makes it so much easier as the mom in the stands.  His scores were better and he earned them...finally!  This was a small meet, but his scores would have placed him at any meet.  The best part of yesterday besides his smile was Jonah saying he knows what he needs to improve for Byran in two weeks.  Maybe, just maybe he is getting this.  Who knows???

Jonah earned his highest score of the season with a 10.8 on floor.  In boys gymnastics a 10 is perfect.  However, there are bonus elements for each apparatus so extra points can be earned.  It is quite rare to see anything above a 12, but it occasionally happens.  Most bonus scores are high 10's and low to medium 11's.  A 10.8 is awesome!!!

Jonah finished in first place in his age group on floor and pommel horse (9.2).  He was second on vault (9.2), parallel bars (10.1), and high bar (10.0).  He was third on rings (9.7).  His AA was 59 which is fantastic.  His coach wants a 60 or better in Bryan...we shall see!  He was 2nd overall in his age group!

The level five team did great overall and finished 2nd as a team!

Jonah is a young level 5 and is still learning so I know he can only get better.  Drew and I were so proud of Jonah.  Thankfully we have a week off before the next meet.  Time for more never ending trips to the gym!

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