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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Samuel

Yesterday Samuel was 6!  He was in the best mood all day....excited about going to school for his birthday, having me bring him lunch, getting presents, opening cards, eating his cookie ice cream sandwich...just being the center of attention for an entire day.

When I think about Samuel's birthday I always feel a sense of healing and peace.  Samuel was born almost exactly one year after I had a miscarriage.  That event happened on or around my birthday and that is hard for me each and every year.  One year later I went into labor on my birthday....thanks Samuel!  A little more than 12 hours later Samuel entered the world all blue from the cord being around his neck.  Hearing him cry....healing.  Seeing him....healing.   Holding him....healing.   Drew naming him the name I had wanted for so long....healing.  Loving the gift of Samuel Keath...healing.

Samuel has always been a challenge.  He was a crazy difficult baby.  It was a tough first year with Samuel for many reasons.  Thankfully now he is mostly easy to parent, but he does have his moments.  He is the most stubborn thing ever at times.  He is also the most easily embarrassed person at times and it happens when I least expect it.  He challenges me and Drew all the time.  We joke that we can see him thinking..."I think the consequences will worth disobeying because it will be awesome"...whatever it is that he is not to be doing.  Always testing us to see when we will give up or give in to him.  He does not let many people in....a lot like me in that way.  But, when he likes you, he likes you all the way.   He is always curious, wanting to learn, wanting to figure something out, always thinking....a lot like Drew in that way.

A few weeks ago Samuel was the Star of the Week in his class.  He had to fill out an information sheet about his favorites and aspirations.  These are things I want to remember forever...

Favorite color.....green
Favorite book...Disney Planes
Favorite movie....Star Wars
Favorite sport....football
Favorite food...meat
Favorite subject at school....math
Favorite thing to do after school....play with my friends, mostly Conner
When I grow up I want to be....an Army Ranger (and he is serious!)
I'll bet you did not know that I can use a....real saw all by myself

I love Samuel's laugh.  I love Samuel's freckles.  I love his squinty eyes when he laughs or smiles.  I love how much he takes care of Elena.  I love that he loves classical music especially Tchaikovsky.  I love that he really feels music and does not just hear it.  I love that he wants to be with Drew all the time.  I love that Samuel is mostly fearless and has big dreams.  We all know that he is just stubborn enough to achieve them.

For his birthday, he had his two best friends over to play and to go see the Lego Movie.  Samuel, Jackson, and Greg had the best little simple party.

Yesterday, he had his choice of ice cream for breakfast...mint chocolate chip.

I took him lunch at school. 

Oddly enough, he was not embarrassed to wear this hat all day.
I made him chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. 

He got what he really wanted for his birthday....a tactical bag (the whole Army Ranger thing again).

Just a little excited!
He was one happy boy all day long.

Happy 6th Birthday Samuel....we love you lots!!!!

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