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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkins and Halloween

On Sunday we carved our pumpkins.  Carving pumpkins in Texas is pretty much a waste of time because of the humidity.  Within days they are filled with furry mold and simply gross.  But, the kids like this activity so we do it.  I clean out the pumpkins and Drew helps with the carving.

There was also a little Halloween fun this week.  At gymnastics on Tuesday Emma was allowed to wear her costume.  I also bought a super cute outfit for Elena.

Then there was the big event tonight.  Emma's practice was cancelled, but Jonah's was not.  Initially Jonah wanted to go trick or treating.  However, last night he decided to go to practice.  I asked him again today and he was set on going to the gym.  On our way there I asked why the change of heart.  Jonah said, "I decided since I will miss a week at Thanksgiving I need to be at every practice I can before our first meet."  I was speechless and so proud.  My sweet boy gave up trick or treating for gymnastics and he was so happy to do it.  Amazing!  As great as that was, I was just as proud when Samuel willingly took Jonah's bag with him and asked for candy for his brother who was at gymnastics practice.  Samuel carried two bags around all night and was happy to help Jonah.  I was so proud of both of them tonight.

Elena was Sophia The First and super cute in her costume.  Emma was a cat.  She trick or treated with Ashlynn again and had a blast.  Samuel was a police officer and I thought he was just precious!

We went with our neighbors as we did last year.  It is now a tradition!  Carmendy was a pretty ballerina and Connor was Picachu.  The had so much fun.  Elena gave up early after being scared by a dog, but Carmendy was a trooper!  

Day turned to night and the kiddos were tired.  Leslie and I could not resist this picture!  They just plopped down in the middle of the street for a break.

Happy Halloween!

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