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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Emma's district meet

Emma had her maybe last meet of the season yesterday afternoon.  I say maybe because she needed to qualify for the South State meet yesterday.  It was a total guess as to what scores were needed and how many girls would move on to the November 9th meet.  All that meant that Emma had to seriously be on her game.  Let me tell you....Emma FINALLY put some things together yesterday and performed so well.  As I said on Facebook after the meet ended, I was bursting with momma pride at her accomplishment.

After the meet two weeks ago, I asked my friend Carmalyn to make Emma a bracelet.  I wanted the bracelet to be a reminder to Emma that she is always capable.  She and I had talked about the word impossible and what a little apostrophe could do to that word.   I so wish I had taken a picture of Emma's face when I gave her the bracelet.  It was like Christmas morning to her and I could tell by her expression that she really understood the significance of my gift.

So, back to yesterday.  The last thing I said to Emma was to remember that she was possible.  And, possible she was.  Emma earned a 9.450 on floor which was her highest floor score of the season.  Emma finally kept her arms straight on her backward roll and she smirked.  She received a 9.150 on vault.  I always think she should score higher on vault.  I am the worst vault judge.  On bars, she had a 9.2  The last event was beam, which Emma hates.  I, however, think when Emma is confident she works beautifully on the beam.  Yesterday Emma was beautiful and was rewarded with a 9.550.  She held her kick to handstand vertical and smirked again.  I loved the smirks because as I told Emma later it showed her confidence.  She knew she was possible and it was on full display.  Her AA was 37.350 which was her highest ever.  She was so happy and it was a wonderful sight.

As for qualifying, it was still a guess and my nervousness was unbelievable.  This had been her goal all season long.  With her low beam score, she did not get an individual place.  She was 9th on bars and floor.  On beam, the event she likes the least, she placed 3rd!!!  Overall, she placed 5th in her division!!!  My sweet and determined Emma had qualified for South State!!!

Sometimes the best things come from the worst.  Her meet two weeks ago was a disaster and our conversation was tough and emotionally challenging.  But, she took it to heart...at least yesterday... and did what she knew she could do.  I could not be more proud of Emma!

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