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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Samuel's first Championship

Samuel just finished playing on a spring flag football team.  His friend asked him to join with him and although initially reluctant I know that Samuel really had fun.  Most of the boys were a year older and finished 3rd grade.  So, it was a great experience to play more experienced and faster boys. 

Samuel mostly played defense...cornerback specifically and he liked it.  I know he would have liked to play more offense, but he eventually understand that the older boys were just a little faster. 

The season was a huge success.  All the boys and their families were super nice and supportive of the team.  They lost one game all season and WON the A-bracket Championship.  It was quite the night.  The playoffs were postponed a week because of rain so everyone was excited to play.  The boys had to play back to back games against tough teams and they played hard all night.  It was so, so, so fun and exciting to watch the boys play.  They happiness and smiles when the second game ended was just awesome!

It was a beautiful night!
Samuel and his head coach

He LOVES this t-shirt!

He was so tired after the games that he collapsed in our living room!
This was Samuel's 6th season of flag football and maybe his last.  That has yet to be decided, but we do know that in the fall Samuel will be transitioning to the real deal.  He is playing tackle football and this momma is nervous.  He is very excited because he will get to play more offense!  If this was his last go with flag football I am so happy that he and his team won it all!

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