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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Emma's year

I attended the 7th grade awards today.  That means Emma is finished with 7th grade.  There is one day left of school, but that is just a formality.  All else is done!

It has been quite the year for Emma.  She has physically changed a lot in my opinion. She has no more little girl look to her.  I just see a young woman when I look at her and I'm not sure I like that.  I am so very proud of who she is and who I see her becoming, but it's still hard. She is my baby and she is almost 13!

end of April
This year Emma accomplished many goals.  First and probably the biggest accomplishment physically and mentally was gymnastics.  She loves being at AIM after a rough start and horrendous time in the fall.  She made it to the level 5 state meet and did considerably well considering she competed on a broken toe.  Emma has been at AIM for just over a year.  The other week on the way home from practice she and I talked about all she has accomplished in that time.   During our discussion she said "they (meaning Deanna and Debbie her coaches) broke me mom, but I survived and am stronger for it".  She said she has no regrets and is so glad she is at AIM.  In all honestly I was speechless and on the verge of tears when she said that.  To hear your child say they were broken is tough stuff, but it is so true.  They did break her, but in the best way because she is a better and stronger person now than 12 months ago.  It was hard to watch and to know what to do during the process.  I failed her many times I am sure, but Drew and I muddled through with her.  She has much more confidence in herself and her abilities.  She is a self admitted lazy gymnast and she likes to be challenged now.  Seeing her work through all the very, very hard stuff at AIM....no words for how happy Drew and I are for her.  She is a tough cookie and that makes me so proud!  Her last year as gymnast is going to be great!

Emma completed her first year as a NCL Wildflower member.  She completed the required hours and then some, but not too many.  It was a true challenge because of her gymnastic schedule.  However, she dedicated time and effort to more than 10 charities.  She completed more than 50 hours.  Her favorite place to volunteer was the Atria, which is an assisted living facility.  Mine too and it makes me happy to know that we can share this journey together.

Finally, Emma did so well at school.  She was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society in April and she finished 7th grade with all A's.  She struggled all year in math and somehow found the time to go to tutoring when offered.  She worked hard and had a 90 for the year.  Honestly, that is huge.  She hates math, but she had a great teacher and that made all the difference.  This is the second year she earned all A's in her pre-AP classes.  She has already decided she wants to leave Strack next year having accomplished that again.  You go girl!

Getting her NJHS award

7th grade awards with her bestie Ashlynn

It's been quite the year Emma.  You are amazing and we are so proud of you!!!

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