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Monday, November 11, 2013

Emma's State Meet

Saturday was Emma's last meet as a level 3 gymnast.  And, she went out with a bang at the South State meet.  Emma has come a long way this season.  So have I.  She has learned that to be good and to do well she has to work hard.  She has learned that excuses will get her nowhere fast.  I have learned how to manage my over-controlling need to push her harder and we have found a middle ground. 

This was a tough meet.  There were girls there from all over the state from Beaumont to Tyler to San Antonio.  The scoring was tough and nit picky.  But, the thing was all the girls were good.  There were some that really stood out in the bunch, but most were so close in skill that being picky as judge was necessary.  Emma new this would be a tough meet and she was worried about not being good enough.  All I told her was that she qualified so she earned her spot.  She had worked hard.  She met her goal of qualifying for the state meet so just have fun and do the best she could. I told her to be "I'mpossible".   I don't know if she or I felt more pressure.  Being the mom of an athlete is hard.

Emma has earned higher scores at other meets.  She performed better routines at some meets, but overall she put it all out there on Saturday and beautiful.  She finally did all the skills well on the bars.  She was definitely tentative on beam and that hurt her.  She did well on floor and was amazing on vault.

She earned her highest AA of the season and finished in 8th overall in her division.  So, so proud of her.  She was worried she would not place at all...silly girl!!

Emma is there....I promise!
Emma has always loved vaulting and it pretty good at it.  Unfortunately it has never come together for her at a meet.  Well, it did on Saturday.  She recently moved her steps and I think that helped give her more power and certainly more speed.  She received a 9.7!  And, that only earned her 7th place in her division.  The competition was fierce!

That is Emma sitting on the ground with her score on the board. I did not even know she was sitting there when I took the picture!  When Emma saw her score she took a picture with her camera as well.  I just loved seeing her so happy!

Emma and some of her teammates
Emma's BFF Ashlynn came to the meet with us!
Emma's team did great.  There was a South State champion and runner-up in another division and many individual place medals.  All the girls start training for level 4 today.  Emma is so excited!  On to bigger and better skills!!!

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  1. Congrats to Emma and to Mom for making it through the meet!! :)