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Monday, November 2, 2015

Field Day 2015

Field Day was two weeks ago.  I am so behind!  On that Friday it felt like Field Day had just happened and it kind of had.  May was the last time I spent a day walking/running around the Haude playground watching Samuel and Jonah.  This time it was October and I had three kiddos to watch.  It was an exhausting day.  I think I was more tired than they were except maybe Elena.  She was pooped!

This was Elena's first Field Day.  She was so so so excited to participate instead of spectate!  She and Samuel were both in the morning so I had to split my time watching them.  I took just a few pictures of her!

Bouncy obstacle course....she loved it!

I don't think hurdling is in her future!

Elena giving me the business....so funny this girl!

Look at that form and she won!

Always being silly

Samuel had tons of fun at Field Day, but he is pretty serious about the events too.  This is no shock since he is uber competitive!

Tug-0-War is one of his favorite stations

Even a serious face for Four Square
Jonah was in the afternoon.  With it being October it wasn't too hot or sunny on this particular day.  And, thankfully I was just watching Jonah so I didn't have to run back and forth between stations!  Jonah loves Field Day.  You can really see his silly personality as he completes the stations.

Serious talent holding a ball in air!
Dancing just because he could

As much as I like watching Elena, Samuel, and Jonah have a fun day at school, I am super glad Field Day won't occur again for 12 months!  I am pretty sure my Field Day partner feels the same way!!

We survived another one Tina!

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