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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Emma's Level 5 career is over!

Last Saturday was Emma's state meet. She was super excited to end her season on a high note. It was the meet she didn't want in August, but by mid October she wanted it pretty badly. So, off we went to Austin on Friday for a little girls trip and some gymnastics. 

The bummer about the meet was a little injury Emma suffered at practice....at the end of practice....on Thursday. Literally with about 10 minutes left at practice Emma hurt her right foot. She iced it. She took anti-inflammatory meds. It looked better by Saturday morning and it didn't hurt as much to walk. All good things. 

Unfortunately Emma's first event was floor. An event requiring tumbling and running and hard landings. It did not go super well. She is way more capable than her score showed on Saturday. 

Next was vault. That is lots of running. The look in her face when running pained me. Her steps got messed up because she could only run on half her right foot. Yeah...not good. Still, her in flight and landing was good. She managed a decent score. 

Finally bars which is the perfect event for an injured foot until the landing. Her routine was decent...not her best...and she took two steps on her landing. That never happens to Emma and I really mean never. 

Last was beam. I had no idea if she could do the turn because it was on her injured foot.  From my seat I could see that her foot had become quite swollen. I have to say that I was beyond impressed. Her turn was beautiful. She scored higher than at districts and finished in 10th place on beam.  She was hurting. That was quite obvious, but she never quit. 

That is what this entire dang season has been for Emma. One moment after the next of gutting it out, digging deep, making hard choices, and fighting. I was so disappointed for her. I know she was capable of a top 8 finish. She just couldn't do it with her foot. The power was just not there. BUT, and this is a big but, I couldn't be more proud of Emma. She could have scratched and we could have stayed home. After floor she could have said forget this crap...my foot is killing me. She didn't. Emma continued to make me proud because she fought like a champ. She finished her season with a smile on her face. 

So, today we went to the orthopedist. She has a fracture at her growth plate at her big toe on her right foot.  Unbelievable!  Thankfully her season is complete. 

Even crazier than a broken foot is that Emma is sticking with gymnastics. She rediscovered the joy and her love for the sport. She wants to compete level 6!  What a journey the past few months have been for her and there is more to come. Can't wait for it all Emma!

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